Our History

Knorr Electric advertisement from 1950's North Iowa Water Company, although a relatively new name to North Iowa, is rooted in customer service and dedication to its craft that reaches back over 50-years.

Knorr Electric Motors, established in 1954 by Virgil Knorr, began as sales and service of electric motors for home, farm, and commercial applications. In a short time Virgil expanded his business to include water well service. Dave Klang joined Knorr Electric in 1989 and purchased the company in 1995 when Virgil retired.

Under Dave’s leadership the company continued selling and servicing electric motors and he recognized the need to expand the water well segment of this business. In January 2006 Knorr Electric began doing this water well work under the name North Iowa Water Company. This change was more than a cosmetic name change.

Dave saw the need to demonstrate his dedication to this service and the expertise needed to meet the challenges of exceeding health and safety regulations for his customers. Water is one of the essentials to life and North Iowa Water Company recognizes the need of well trained technicians that understand that pure plentiful water requires dedicated technical support. Knorr Electric and North Iowa Water Company both operate with a dedicated staff of professionals with the knowledge and skills to remain a strong business leader in the North Iowa area.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement At North Iowa Water Company, our professional team is committed to providing the highest quality services and products within the water well industry.

~We are not willing to sacrifice quality for price
~We only sell our customers water provision and treatment systems that meet their   application needs.
~We will provide consistent support for our work with the highest level of       product knowledge and integrity.
~Our customers, vendors, health departments, and peers will recognize us   within our regional market as the strongest authority on quality well water
due to our professionalism.